BLACK TUSK - The Way Forward [BLACK LP]

Produktinformationen "BLACK TUSK - The Way Forward [BLACK LP]"
Schwarzes Vinyl im Gatefold-Cover.

A1. Out Of Grasp
A2. Brushfire
A3. Harness (The Alchemist)
A4. Lessons Through Deception
A5. Breath Of Life
A6. Dance On Your Grave
B1. Against The Undertow
B2. Lift Yourself
B3. Ocean Of Obsidian
B4. Flee From Dawn
B5. The Way Forward
Künstler: Black Tusk
Genre: Sludge Doom Metal
Label/Hersteller: Season Of Mist
Farbe: Schwarz
Farb-Effekt: Einfarbig
Eigenschaften: Gatefold-Cover

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