ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY - Die Satanische Bibel / Die Satanischen Rituale [LEATHER EDITION BOOK]

Product information "ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY - Die Satanische Bibel / Die Satanischen Rituale [LEATHER EDITION BOOK]"
Fundamental work of the American Church of Satan

In "The Satanic Bible", Anton Szandor LaVey summarises his insights and convictions on the subject of Satanism, which he acquired in the course of his unusual life as an organ player, lion tamer, criminologist, actor, magician and through the extensive study of the dark arts.

In addition to Anton Szandor LaVey's 9 satanic principles and philosophical thoughts on the topics of love, hate, sex and death, the book contains numerous practical suggestions for everyday life, such as dealing with psychic vampires or the law of the jungle.

The second part of the double volume contains the book "The Satanic Rituals" by Anton Szandor LaVey, with examples of rituals from different cultures. These are printed in the respective original language and supplemented by explanations of their origin, historical background and purpose. .

The double volume contains numerous photographs of LaVey, which vividly reflect his multifaceted personality.

Special feature: Edition, bound in black leather, black pages with white lettering.

Pages: 432
Language: German
Binding: Leather
Artist: Anton Szandor Lavey
Label/Manufacturer: Index Verlag