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2-CD Mediabook. Disc 1 1 In the name of war 2 Over again 3 The decision 4 Crawl 5 Find my way back 6 Crucifier 7 Keeper of the gate 8 Hyerpnova 9 Insanium 10 Reprise Disc 2 1 In the name of war 2 Over again 3 The decision 4 Crawl 5 Find my way back 6 Crucifier 7 Keeper of the gate 8 Hyerpnova 9 Insanium 10 Reprise

DOOL - The Shape Of Fluidity [HARDCOVER BOOK CD]
CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 36 pages, front cover with UV spot varnish finishing) incl. preface by Raven van Dorst, essay, additional artwork and drafts by Metastazis, and additional photography. Everything flows, nothing ever stays the same. The same can be said about the third studio album of the fast-rising Dutch rock band DOOL. Aptly entitled "The Shape of Fluidity" there is not just musical innovation but the full-length revolves around themes of personal change, physical change, psychological change, and the ever-changing world around us. DOOL and particularly singer and guitarist Raven van Dorst ask questions: How does change affect us? How do we keep being ourselves in a world that is so incredibly demanding and aggressive towards the individual? We must be as fluid as water to navigate ourselves through this ocean of possibilities and uncertainties 鈥 and make peace with chaos and impermanence. Musically, DOOL continue on the path laid out on the two previous studio recordings of heartfelt rock music with added metal elements, while displaying a maturity and focus in songwriting that has grown out of experience. "The Shape of Fluidity" exhibits an eclectic yet seamless amalgamation of progressive and post-rock as well as doom and heavy metal in combination with an inherent catchiness and a dynamic backdrop. It is hardly surprising that the theme of the album that pitches the concept of identity against the backdrop of a world in constant flux connects the album's lyrics to the biography of lead vocalist Raven. Born intersex, doctors at the time assumed that they could surgically determine which kind of life the infant should lead and decided that the child should be a girl. This has led to a life full of soul searching, fighting taboos and breaking boundaries, until recently Raven decided to reclaim that which others have tried so hard to take away from them, and finally embrace their hermaphroditic nature. The band derived the name DOOL from the Dutch word for 'wandering'. When their debut album "Here Now, There Then" was released in 2017, it became an instant success. Their fresh and wild rock and metal sound received "Album of the Month" titles in the renowned German magazines Metal Hammer and Rock Hard as well as the "Best Debut Album 2017" award from the former, while Vice (US), Aardschok (NL), and De Volkskrant (NL) happily chimed in with heaping praise on the young Dutch band. With their sophomore full-length "Summerland" released in 2020, DOOL successfully exceeded the already sky-high expectations and scored even more "Album of the Month" awards in German Rock Hard (10/10) and Sonic Seducer magazines as well as #2 soundcheck positions in, Metal Hammer (DE) and another #1 in the Polish edition 鈥 with a pile glowing reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. With "The Shape of Fluidity", DOOL offer so much more than just damn cool music. These extra dimensions of depth and meaning are all part of their unique appeal and come out clearly on the new album. May all those who wander gather under the fluid flag of DOOL! Tracklist: 1. Venus in Flames 2. Self-Dissect 3. The Shape of Fluidity 4. Currents 5. Evil in You 6. House of a Thousand Dreams 7. Hermagorgon 8. Hymn for a Memory Lost 9. The Hand of Creation

Orange vinyl. 1. Litany of the Weak 2. Serpents of Fame 3. Caverns of Fate 4. Defiance 5. The Age of Hype 6. The Run 7. Opulent Disruption 8. Dark Emptiness

CIVEROUS - Maze Envy [CD]
Jewelcase CD. 1. The Azure Eye 2. Shrouded In Crystals 3. Endless Symmetry 4. Labyrinth Charm (feat. Derek Rydquist) 5. Levitation Tomb 6. Maze Envy 7. Geryon (The Plummet)

Clear blue triple vinyl. Side A Free Speech For The Dumb It鈥檚 Electric Sabbra Cadabra Side B Die, Die My Darling Loverman Mercyful Fate Side C Astronomy Whiskey In The Jar Tuesday鈥檚 Gone The More I See Side D Helpless The Small Hours The Wait Crash Course In Brain Surgery Last Caress/Green Hell Side E Am I Evil? Blitzkrieg Breadfan The Prince Stone Cold Crazy Side F So What Killing Time Overkill Damage Case Stone Dead Forever Too Late Too Late

DARKTHRONE - It Beckons Us All (Deluxe Edition) [LP BOXSET]
CD 1. Howling Primitive Colonies (06:30) 2. Eon 3 (05:43) 3. Black Dawn Affiliation (06:11) 4. And In That Moment I Knew The Answer (03:17) 5. The Bird People Of Nordland (07:27) 6. The Heavy Hand (04:18) 7. The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet (10:03) EXCLUSIVE CORONA VINYL LP Side A 1. Howling Primitive Colonies (06:30) 2. Eon 3 (05:43) 3. Black Dawn Affiliation (06:11) 4. And In That Moment I Knew The Answer (03:17) Side B 1. The Bird People Of Nordland (07:27) 2. The Heavy Hand (04:18) 3. The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet (10:03) CASSETTE Side One 1. Howling Primitive Colonies (06:30) 2. Eon 3 (05:43) 3. Black Dawn Affiliation (06:11) 4. And In That Moment I Knew The Answer (03:17) Side Two 1. The Bird People Of Nordland (07:27) 2. The Heavy Hand (04:18) 3. The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet (10:03)

Digipak CD. Scared Of Fear React, Respond Wreckage Dark Matter Won鈥檛 Tell Upper Hand Waiting For Stevie Running Something Special Got To Give Setting Sun

PEARL JAM - Dark Matter (Deluxe Edition) [DIGIPAK CD+BLURAY]
Digipak CD & Blu-Ray. Scared Of Fear React, Respond Wreckage Dark Matter Won鈥檛 Tell Upper Hand Waiting For Stevie Running Something Special Got To Give Setting Sun

AUSTERE - Beneath The Threshold [BLACK LP]
LP Gatefold (black bio vinyl), printed insert, padded inner sleeve and protection sleeve. "Beneath the Threshold" represents AUSTERE in the here and now. With their fourth full-length the Australians have taken a long step into the present and embrace their musical future in a way that might have been expected after a 13-year hiatus. When their voluntary break ended with the release of "Corrosion of Hearts" in 2023, the duo consisting of Mitchell Keepin and Tim Yatras returned with a more mature and defined version of their own particular style of black metal, which reflected both their greater experience and evolution as artists. While "Corrosion of Hearts" formed the bridge between the band's musical history and the artists' fresh vision, "Beneath the Threshold" takes a leap of expression. AUSTERE's sonic heritage is still alive. Even though their roots in early Norse black metal and its depressive Scandinavian offspring continue to shine through, it is also apparent that the Australians have audibly strengthened their emotional expressiveness and previous blackgaze leanings beyond the point where a stylistic shift towards the latter needs to be diagnosed. On "Beneath the Threshold", AUSTERE offer more hooks and melodic harmonies to complement the multi-layered, harsh and dreamlike guitar textures expertly woven by Keepin with the aid of Yatras' emotive drumming. This development is emphasised by a suitable production that lets each of the elements shine and does not try to blur the riffs. For AUSTERE the stars under the Southern Cross have newly aligned and the harsh majestic beauty of "Beneath the Threshold" calls out to everyone to raise their eyes up to the night sky around the globe and behold the finally unleashed Australian band in its full musical glory. Tracklist: 1. Thrall 2. The Sunset of Life 3. Faded Ghost 4. Cold Cerecloth 5. Words Unspoken (Interlude) 6. Of Severance

BONGINATOR - The 1986 Doink City Massacre [PINK/PURPLE 10" LP]
10鈥 (pink and purple vinyl), black paper inner sleeve (500 copies available). Welcome to the world of BONGINATOR, where musical brutality meets bizarre sci-fi topics! Dive into the dark and twisted sonic realms of death metal with the debut EP, "The 1986 Doink City Massacre," by the relentless force known as BONGINATOR. Crafted with bone-crushing intensity, this EP encapsulates the essence of death metal with a unique blend of aggression and experimental flair. BONGINATOR takes you on a rough journey through the sonic underworld, where every riff is a weapon and every growl is a declaration of chaos. You can easily witness the musical development of the band as you will find the new track 'Blood Diner' as a special bonus on this EP. "The 1986 Doink City Massacre" is not your typical death metal experience. BONGINATOR, true to their name, incorporates unconventional elements, pushing the boundaries of the genre. Brace yourself for mind-bending, fresh death metal with a humorous twist on the lyrics, 鈥濼he 1986 Doink City Massacre鈥 already starts the storyline of (a movie to come?) 鈥濻toners vs. Aliens鈥. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this musical mayhem pressed on beautiful pink and purple coloured vinyl. Whether you're a seasoned death metal enthusiast or a curious newcomer, BONGINATOR's debut EP is a must-have addition to your collection. Get ready to unleash the beast within and immerse yourself in the sonic brutality of "The 1986 Doink City Massacre." Join the legion of metalheads who have succumbed to the relentless onslaught of BONGINATOR! BONGINATOR are part of a new wave of young death metal aficionados that embrace the old school values of the style but add a fresh approach. This might cause a heart attack with those who think that the genre became too open-minded after 1986, but BONGINATOR are best described as the missing link between the good old days and death metal here and now. Metal and weed are an already established combination that has already found outlet in such well-established acts as Cannabis Corpse and Weedeater. BONGINATOR were not founded as challengers to such incumbents, but frontman Erik Thorstenn started with a strong vision to carve out his own musical claim when he founded the band in the New England state of Massachusetts during the year 2022. Taking inspiration from classic 80s horror and action movies is a given in this scene, but BONGINATOR blend old school death metal, crazy caveman riffs and the lunacy of 90s Colombian drumming with the relentless brutality of Slayer and even 80s synth-wave elements. Although BONGINATOR are obviously nodding to the past, the are definitely looking towards the future, hence their infamous claim 鈥瀟wo-stepping neon weed death鈥. Tracklist: 01. Intro 02. The Doinkinite 03. The Bonginators 04. Interdoob 05. War; On Drugs 06. Dank Nugulus 07. Blood Diner (Bonus Track)

Black tape. 1. Diablo 2. Where I Reign 3. Residue 4. Idle Hands 5. Trophies Of The Tyrant 6. Crucifixation 7. Tension 8. Everything I Hate About You 9. Toxic 10. Two Fists 11. Rage 12. Shrapnel 13. From Hell I Rise

TYR - The Best Of The Napalm Years [DIGIPAK CD]
Digipak CD. 1. Hail to the Hammer 2. Regin Smidur 3. Ramund Hin Unge 4. Hold the Heathen Hammer High 5. By the Sword in my Hand 6. Tro虂ndur i虂 G酶tu 7. Northern Gate 8. The Wild Rover 9. Ormurin Langi 10. Sinklars Visa 11. Ragnarok 12. Shadow of the Swastika 13. Evening Star 14. Flames of the Free

TRISTITIA - Crucidiction [BLUE LP]
Transparent blue vinyl. 1. Ego Sum Resurrectio 2. Christianic Indulgence 3. Crucidiction 4. Wintergrief 5. Envy the Dead 6. Lioness鈥 Roar 7. Mark my Words 8. Gardenia 9. Final Lament

HIM - Tears On Tape [DIGIPAK CD]
Digipak CD. Unleash The Red All Lips Go Blue Love Without Tears I Will Be The End Of You Tears On Tape Into The Night Hearts At War Trapped In Autumn No Love Drawn & Quartered Lucifer's Chorale W.L.S.T.D. Kiss The Void

SIX FEET UNDER - Killing For Revenge [BLACK LP]
Black vinyl. Side A Known-Nothing Ingrate Accomplice to Evil Deeds Ascension When the Moon Goes Down in Blood Hostility Against Mankind Compulsive Side B Fit of Carnage Neanderthal Judgement Day Bestial Savagery Mass Casualty Murdercide Spoils of War

ARROGANZ - Quintessenz [BLACK LP]
Black vinyl in heavy matte cover with insert. Vinyl details: 路 140g quality pressed vinyl (pressed in Germany) 路 heavy 350gsm cover 路 high quality matte lyrics insert in LP format 路 "I Love Vinyl" sticker 路 antistatic polylined black inner sleeve 路 PE overbag with limit sticker The Death Doom Punks are back! 鈥淨uintessenz鈥 is the raw and unfiltered manifestation of the artistic identity of ARROGANZ. Infused with brutal aggression and ominous atmosphere, it unleashes a sonic apocalypse that transports the listener into a haunting realm. With a blend of old-school death metal, doom metal and black metal, the band redefines their boundaries and showcases their creative maturity. 鈥淨uintessenz鈥 is a relentless masterpiece for fans of Celtic Frost, Asphyx or Darkthrone, as well as for lovers of Napalm Death, Totenmond or Wolfbrigade. This is ARROGANZ - Death Doom Punks! Track listing: A1. The Origin Of Fire A2. Outlaw Reborn A3. Flames For Nemesis A4. Dungeon Soul A5. The Devil And My Companion B1. Deadened Rawness Of Life B2. Guardian Of Old Scars B3. Scorned Lifeblood B4. The Essence Gospel

Transparent red/black smoke marbled double-vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

Clear/gold splatter vinyl. 1. Destruction in June 2. Walk in the Footsteps of Doom 3. Saints Dispelled 4. Minds Under Pressure 5. Find Your Life 6. Marred and Diseased 7. The Wiseman 8. The Wizard of Evil

Khaki/brown marbled vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Side A Known-Nothing Ingrate Accomplice to Evil Deeds Ascension When the Moon Goes Down in Blood Hostility Against Mankind Compulsive Side B Fit of Carnage Neanderthal Judgement Day Bestial Savagery Mass Casualty Murdercide Spoils of War

NADSVEST - Slovo Meseca I Krvi [BLACK LP]
Black vinyl, limited to 200 copies. A1. Vihori boja A2. Ponori adski A3. Vaznesenje Zveri SIDE B:A5.SIDE B: A1. Pojanje crno A2. Od meseca i krvi A3. Trijumf Silnika - smrt sveta







LIFTHRASIL - Vor dem Sturm [CD]
Black metal with Germany lyrics - highly recommended to people who like raw, but melodic atmospheric stuff. Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Der zweite Schatten 3. Schreie verhallen ungeh枚rt 4. Vor dem Sturm 5. Im Morgengrauen kommt der Fall der Nebel 6. Nagelfar 7. Das letzte Gefecht 8. Entmenschlichung 9. Verliese des kalten Jenseits 10. In den schwarzen Hallen

SEPTICFLESH - A Fallen Temple (2014 Re-Issue) [CD]
1. Brotherhood Of The Fallen Knights 2. The Eldest Cosmonaut 3. Marble Smiling Face 4. Underworld Act 1 5. Temple Of The Lost Race 6. The Crypt 7. Setting Of The Two Suns 8. Erebus 9. Underworld Act 2 10. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Dark Mix) 11. The Last Time 12. Underworld Act 3 13. Finale 14. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Single Version)

VENOM - Calm Before The Storm [PICTURE LP]
Picture vinyl. SIDE A 1.Black Xmas 2.The Chanting Of The Priests 3.Metal Punk 4.Under A Spell 5.Calm Before The Storm SIDE B 6.Fire 7.Krakin Up 8.Beauty And The Beast 9.Deadline 10.Gypsy 11.Muscle

WALL - Wall [LP]
1. Beyond 3:55 2. Shrink 4:39 3. No Name 3:27 4. Ghosts 7:59 5. Wasteland 4:06 6. Generic 6:30 7. Cheater 9:51 Drone feat. Ex-KODIAK and Ex-TUMULT! members, black vinyl, ltd. 400 2013 This Charming Man

THE SKULL - For Those Which Are Asleep [RED LP]
US-Import! Transparent red vinyl in gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve. A1. Trapped Inside My Mind A2. The Touch Of Reality A3. Sick Of It All A4. The Door B1. Send Judas Down B2. A New Generation B3. Till The Sun Turns Black B4. For Those Which Are Asleep

INQUISITION - Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer [CD]
1 Baptized In Black Goat Blood 2 Crush The Jewish Prophet 3 Under The Black Inverted Pentagram 4 Of Blood And Darkness We Are Born 5 Dark Mutilation Rites 6 Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer 7 Impaled By The Cryptic Horns Of Baphomet 8 We Summon The Winds Of Fire (For The Burning Of All Holiness) 9 Eternal Loyalty To Our Lord Satan 10 Within The Red Hellfire We Burn [Bonus Track] 11 May The Rays Of A Fullmoon Shine Upon Us [Bonus Track] 12 Outro

DigiPak CD. 1. Spider 2. New Dark Age 3. Echoes Pt. 1 4. Echoes Pt. 2

1. Paralyzed 3:04 2. From Shapeless To Breakable 2:44 3. Moving Forward 3:24 4. War Ensemble 4:50 5. Hellion 0:44 6. Electric Eye 3:45 7. Coffee Mug 0:40 8. Beneath The Encasing (Re-Recorded) Medley 3:57 9. The Blinding Of False Light (Innerpartysystem Remix) 4:18 10. Wrath Upon Ourselves (Benjamin Weinmann Remix) 2:25 11. Confined (Kelly "Carnage" Cairns Remix) 3:51 12. Elegy (Big Chocolate Remix) 4:20 10th Anniversary Album 2011 Metal Blade

1 Aealo 2 Eon Aenaos 3 Demonon Vrosis 4 Noctis era 5 Dub-sag-ta-ke 6 Fire death and fear 7 Nekron iahes 8 ...pir threontai 9 Thou art lord 10 Santa muerte 11 Orders from the dead

MORAST - Il Nostro Silenzio [DIGI]
Digipak CD. 1. A Farewell 2. Cut 3. Il Nostro Silenzio 4. RLS 5. Nachtluft 6. November

Red double vinyl in gatefold cover, limited to 350 copies. Tracklist LP 1 A1. The Edge A2. The Pump A3. Naked Politics B1. Mr Pan B2. Flech World Tracklist LP 2 C1. Meat Star C2. Spanker C3. Vogue D1. Womb Of Wire D2. A Foe

Black double vinyl in gatefold cover. Tracklist LP 1 A1. The Edge A2. The Pump A3. Naked Politics B1. Mr Pan B2. Flech World Tracklist LP 2 C1. Meat Star C2. Spanker C3. Vogue D1. Womb Of Wire D2. A Foe

After receiving high demand for the track "Aschefr眉hling" which was published only on the vinyl version of "Stille" we decided to release this track as a CD single with a new mix of "Vorbei". So here it is, a two track single with a special artwork, limited to certified numbered 1500 copies. Get this collectors item now !

CONSTELLATIA - The Language Of Limbs [BLACK LP]
Black vinyl in deluxe soft touch jacket. A1 All Nights Belong To You 8:01 A2 In Acclamation 9:19 B1 Empyrean 6:11 B2 The Garden 11:28

FALLEN YGGDRASIL - In no sense Innocence [CD]
Really ass-kicking death metal from Heidelberg. Good sound and varied but still fucking brutal. The first CD coming from them after some demos which are still requested. One of Germany's finest death metal bands around !

Massive limited Box set with CD and demo tape, button set and patch. Tracklist CD 1. Midas In Reverse 2. Dead Dawn 3. Down To Mars To Ride 4. As The World Feel 5. Total Death 6. The Winner Has Lost 7. Silent Assassin 8. Hubris Fall 9. Black Survival 10. Not What It Seems Tracklist Demo-Tape A1. Dead Dawn (Demo 2015 Version) A2. Black Survival (Demo 2015 Version) B1. Maul 'em Mash And Maim (Demo 2015 Version) B2. Total Death (Demo 2015 Version)

1. Queen Of The Reich 2. Nightrider 3. Blinded 4. The Lady Wore Black 5. Nightrider 6. Prophecy 7. Deliverance 8. Child Of Fire 9. En Forc 10. Blinded 11. The Lady Wore Black 12. Warning 13. Take Hold Of The Flame 14. Queen Of The Reich

SCR exclusive deluxe vinyl! Dark green double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with golden hotfoil embossing, bonus track, LP sized booklet and poster, limited to 200 handnumbered copies only! Tracklist LP 1 A1. Mountain Magick A2. Spirit of Lightning B1. Through Eternal Fields B2. Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire) Tracklist LP 2 C1. Underworld Aurora C2. Skyclad Passage D1. Masters of Rain and Storm D2. Eostre

Jewelcase. 1-01 Wapper vs The Ladykiller*鈥 Hardcore Knowledge 1-02 DJ Bass Vs Zion (2)鈥 The Fuck Outta Here 1-03 DJ Mic & DJ Bass鈥 Bow Your Head 1-04 Wapper Vs The Ladykiller*鈥 Edge Of Darkness 1-05 Neophyte* Vs Evil Activities鈥 One Of These Days 1-06 DJ Nosferatu*鈥 Have It Your Way 1-07 DJ Kristof & Bad Boy*鈥 Seasons Of Mist (Nosferatu Remix) 1-08 Omar Santana Feat. H2O DJ Squad*鈥 Mosh Pit 1-09 DJ Mic & DJ Bass鈥 Fight For Generations 1-10 DJ Killah鈥 The Night (XTD) 1-11 The Wishmaster鈥 Shame On You 1-12 DJ Core鈥 Hardcore 1-13 Omar Santana Feat. H2OH DJ Squad鈥 Mosh Pit 2-01 Neophyte* Vs Evil Activities鈥 Party Like Us 2-02 The Blaster鈥 I Will My Skillz 2-03 Guyz Of D Hell鈥 Give It To Ya 2-04 DJ Earmack鈥 The Buddha Man 2-05 DJ Paul Elstak* Vs Dione*鈥 Here Comes The Prozac 2-06 DJ Earmack鈥 As For U Suckers 2-07 Crime Lab鈥 Fast Beat Clear Sound 2-08 X-Fade (10)鈥 Endless Pain 2-09 Ki-Real鈥 It's All About Money 2-10 Guyz Of D Hell鈥 Rock 2-11 X-Fade (10)鈥 Satan Superstar 2-12 The Wishmaster鈥 Still Fuck Up 2-13 DJ Kristof & Bad Boy*鈥 Lovegun (Lunatic & Miss Hysteria Vs. Wicked Remix)

NOCTE OBDUCTA - Irrlicht (Es schl盲gt dem Mond ein kaltes Herz) [CD]
CD in jewelcase with 12 pages booklet. With their 13th album "Irrlicht", Nocte Obducta continue where "Nektar" left off but in an unpolished yet expected highly lyrical manner. Honest and incomparably more ruthless than in the past, they lose hope maybe once too often. Available as double LP, Digi, Mediabook and Box. Legacy Magazine 13/15 - Soundcheck #8 Tracklist 1. Zur眉ck im bizarren Theater 2. Von St眉rzen in Mondmeere 3. Rot und Grau 4. Der Greis und die Reiterin 5. Der alte Traum 6. Bei den Ruinen 7. Noch


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