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LP (solid yellow vinyl) with printed lyric insert. Let's get this party started! The incorrigible headbangers in LEATHER LUNG have heard the pleas of their enthusiastic following to bring forth a new album of substance-fueled boogie metal, and have obliged at last with the raucous new full-length "Graveyard Grin". The proper debut album from the New England five-piece has everything promised by their previous EP releases: a thick, chugging concoction of stoner metal, doom, and unrelenting sludge, blended into a refreshingly heavy brew with a catchy kick. LEATHER LUNG are a wild bunch that know the meaning of fun. This is hardly surprising as the band sprang into existence out of friendship and the punk and hardcore scene of Boston in 2012. Starting as a four-piece, they quickly gained an excellent reputation in their local scene, as well as plenty of critical attention through a string of EPs, starting with "Reap What You Sow" (2014) and followed in regular intervals by "Lost in Temptation" (2016), "Lonesome, On'ry and Evil" (2019), and "Dive Bar Devil" (2022). Now a five-piece with the addition of a second guitarist, LEATHER LUNG are ready to take on the world. Following crushing live appearances at DesertFest New York and Psycho Las Vegas, the band return with "Graveside Grin", a massive sign that these Eastcoast freaks are ready for the road and amped to get the global party going. Tracklist: 01. Spit In The Casket 02. Big Bad Bodega Cat 03. Freewheelin' Maniac 04. Empty Bottle Boogie 05. Guilty Pleasure 06. Macrodose (Interlude) 07. La La Land 08. Twisting Flowers 09. Headstone 10. Cornered Animal 11. Raised Me Rowdy

Purple/black split vinyl. 01. Dreadbringer 02. Condemned To Rot 03. Brotherhood Of Sleep 04. Death Cult 05. Hellbound 06. Insect Politics 07. The Golgothan 08. The Shape Of Hate 09. Naturom Demonto 10. Malevolent Haze

Black vinyl in heavy cover with insert. Track listing: A1. Complete Exsanguination A2. Slut A3. Grind Wit A4. Saw It All A5. Forsaken A6. Smile The Bleed A7. Pledge Of Retaliation B1. Icon B2. Human Circles B3. Invoxhate B4. The Underneath B5. Blindfolded Centuries

VEMOD - The Deepening [BLACK TAPE]
Cassette (black) with 5-pages booklet (300 copies). VEMOD are by no means an average band. The Norwegians exist in the liminal spaces and the crossroads of places. The trio has chiselled their sophomore full-length "The Deepening" from the same sonic granite that its predecessor "Venter på stormene" came from over a decade ago. This bedrock is found in Namsos, where VEMOD were conceived as a lifelong passion project at the turn of the century by then 12-year old Jan Even Åsli. The nearest big city is Trondheim where the fiercely individual local Nidrosian black metal scene, which refers to the city's original name, provided VEMOD with its first point of musical reference as embodied by the first demo "Kringom fjell og skog" (2004). When the Norwegians reemerged seven years later with both the track "Moestæ Qverelæ" on a split-single and the demo "Vinterilden" in 2011, they had considerably changed. The trio had taken a step outside by strengthening elements that have already been present before: a sprinkle of the majesty reminding of early IN THE WOODS..., a dash of melancholia, and a knife tip of introvert contemplation among a wide range of emotional and vivid sonic imagery. VEMOD's musical transition finds comparable parallels in the development of French brothers-in-spirit ALCEST even though there was no direct influence flowing either way. In hindsight, the Norwegians also pioneered such currently popular styles such as blackgaze and post-black metal, although they never subscribed to either. With their debut full-length "Venter på stormene" just a year later in 2012, VEMOD opened their music to new places: A mind-blowing performance at the prestigious Beyond the Gates festival in 2013 and the legendary special show within the national treasure of the Vigeland Mausoleum at Oslo's Inferno Festival 2014 cemented VEMOD's excellent reputation even across the Atlantic. Now, "The Deepening" arrives with a different production, which resulted in a changed overall tone compared to earlier works and the Norwegians also reached out and tapped into new stylistic strata adding further elements to their sound. Even the lyrical themes running through "The Deepening" tell of change, transience, transformation, and growth. "The Deepening" offers an opportunity to look past long held beliefs and comforting illusions. At the crossroads of VEMOD's second album at this point in space and time waits a deepening understanding of their musical world. Tracklist: 1. Mot oss, en ild 2. Der guder dør 3. True North Beckons 4. Fra drømmenes bok I 5. Inn i lysande natt 6. The Deepening

Digipak CD. 1. Intro VI VI VI 2. Amityville’s Horror 3. That Which Lurks Below the Sea 4. Under the Hanging Tree 5. Nowhere to Hyde 6. Blood Moon Lycanthropy 7. Gods of Crimson Cullings 8. Coupe De Poudre 9. Madame Laveau (Voodoo Queen) 10. Killer (King Diamond Cover, CD Bonustrack)

Some blacker marbled double vinyl. LP1 - Side A 1. Enter Sandman 2. Sad But True 3. Holier Than Thou LP1 - Side B 1. The Unforgiven 2. Wherever I May Roam 3. Don’t Tread On Me LP2 - Side C 1. Through The Never 2. Nothing Else Matters 3. Of Wolf And Man LP2 - Side D 1. The God That Failed 2. My Friend Of Misery 3. The Struggle Within

MASTER - Saints Dispelled [GOLD LP]
Gold vinyl in gatefold sleeve. 1. Destruction in June 2. Walk in the Footsteps of Doom 3. Saints Dispelled 4. Minds Under Pressure 5. Find Your Life 6. Marred and Diseased 7. The Wiseman 8. The Wizard of Evil

TYR - Battle Ballads [BLACK LP]
Black vinyl. Side A Hammered Unwandered Ways Dragons Never Die Row Torkils Døtur Side B Vælkomnir Føroyingar Hangman Axes Battle Ballad Causa Latronum Normannorum

DRAGONFORCE - Warp Speed Warriors [BLACK LP]
Black vinyl in gatefold sleeve. A1. Astro Warrior Anthem A2. Power of the Triforce A3. Kingdom of Steel A4. Burning Heart B1. Space Marine Corp B2. Doomsday Party B3. Prelude to Darkness B4. The Killer Queen B5. Pixel Prison

Transparent dark orange with black marbled vinyl in heavy cover with insert, limited to 100 handnumbered copies. Track listing: A1. Complete Exsanguination A2. Slut A3. Grind Wit A4. Saw It All A5. Forsaken A6. Smile The Bleed A7. Pledge Of Retaliation B1. Icon B2. Human Circles B3. Invoxhate B4. The Underneath B5. Blindfolded Centuries

XASTHUR - Vol.2 Splits & Bonus 2007-2009 [TRANSPARENT BLUE DLP]
2LP (blue transparent vinyl) incl. padded inner sleeves and protection sleeve (400 copies available). Vol. I (2002 – 2004) & Vol. II (2007 - 2009) serve as a hoard of classic and obscure XASTHUR tracks compiled from early material from various sources to satiate even the most diehard fanatics dwelling in the dark woodwork. What has come before is now put to rest as fading memories to be buried by time and dust. Tracklist: 01. The Eye Upon The Throne (Part II) (from Cryostasium split) 02. A Tortured Shallow Grave (from Striborg split) 03. The Southernmost Voyage (interpretation of a Tiamat cover) (from Black Circle split) 04. Torment (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album) 05. Aura Of Denial (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album) 06. Concealed Barren Thoughts (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album in company w/ Russell Menzies) 07. Released From This Earth (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album) 08. Untitled (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album) 09. A Living Hell (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album in company w/ Mark Hunter) 10. Trauma Will Always Linger (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album   in company w/ Mark Hunter) 11. Jomfrulysets Fall - Forgotten Woods Cover (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album) 12. A Lesson In Drowning (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album *Japan ed.) 13. Maze Of Oppression (Rough Draft) (from Experimenting between chapters bonus album *Japan ed.)

BLAZE BAYLEY - Circle Of Stone [CD]
1. Mind Reader 2. Tears in Rain 3. Rage 4. The Year Beyond This Year 5. Ghost in the Bottle 6. Broken Man 7. The Call of the Ancestors 8. Circle of Stone 9. Absence 10. A Day of Reckoning 11. The Path of the Righteous Man 12. Until We Meet Again

UPON STONE - Dead Mother Moon [CD]
Jewelcase CD. 1 Dead Mother Moon 2 Onyx Through the Heart 3 My Destiny; a Weapon 4 Dusk Sang Fairest 5 Paradise Failed - Upon Stone feat. Shadows Fall 6 Nocturnalism 7 To Seek and Follow the Call of Lions 8 The Lantern 9 Dig Up Her Bones

MESSIAH - Christus Hypercubus [DIGIPAK CD]
Digipak CD. 1. Sikhote Alin 2. Christus Hypercubus 3. Once Upon a Time... Nothing 4. Speed Sucker Romance 5. Centipede Bites 6. Please Do Not Disturb (While I'm Dying) 7. Soul Observatory 8. Acid Fish 9. The Venus Baroness I 10. The Venus Baroness II

AETERNUS - Dark Sorcery [BLACK LP]
Black vinyl. A1. Side Sorcery Black Dust A2. Victory A3. Raven And Blood A4. Nordlys Side B : Side Path Fire And Wind A5. Sealed Destiny A6. Walk My Path

ATTIC - Return Of The Witchfinder [RED/BLACK MARBLED LP]
Red/black marbled vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

HIM - Tears On Tape [DIGIPAK CD]
Digipak CD. Unleash The Red All Lips Go Blue Love Without Tears I Will Be The End Of You Tears On Tape Into The Night Hearts At War Trapped In Autumn No Love Drawn & Quartered Lucifer's Chorale W.L.S.T.D. Kiss The Void

AETERNUS - Dark Sorcery [WHITE LP]
White vinyl. A1. Side Sorcery Black Dust A2. Victory A3. Raven And Blood A4. Nordlys Side B : Side Path Fire And Wind A5. Sealed Destiny A6. Walk My Path

2-CD Mediabook. Disc 1 1 In the name of war 2 Over again 3 The decision 4 Crawl 5 Find my way back 6 Crucifier 7 Keeper of the gate 8 Hyerpnova 9 Insanium 10 Reprise Disc 2 1 In the name of war 2 Over again 3 The decision 4 Crawl 5 Find my way back 6 Crucifier 7 Keeper of the gate 8 Hyerpnova 9 Insanium 10 Reprise

HORRESQUE - Chasms Pt. II - The Devouring Exorbitance [GREEN LP]
Abyssal torquoise green vinyl, limited to 100 copies. Vinyl details: · 140g quality pressed vinyl (pressed in Germany) · heavy 350gsm cover · high quality 16 pages booklet in LP format · "I Love Vinyl" sticker · antistatic polylined black inner sleeve Grim and powerful, highly energetic Blackened Death Metal with a unique twist of doubleguitar melodies, inexorable and powerful drumming and devilish vocals, Horresque don’t sound like everyone else. The Lyrics are the real deal – authentic stories put the Chasms of the human psyche on unadorned display. The sophomore full-length ‘Chasms Pt. II – The Devouring Exorbitance’ was recorded at Woodshed Studios in Landshut under the masterful hands of Victor Santura. Coverart and Layouting was done by Irrwisch Artdesign. Track listing: A1. Colonia Dignidad A2. A Mendacious Myth A3. Extinction Threshold B1. Herrmann's End B2. Mother Knows Best B3. Earthlings






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ARROGANZ - Quintessenz [BLACK LP]





XSAD - Stillborn Future [CD]
Jewelcase. 1 Eat 2 Jace 3 Autistic Messiah 4 Exit Light 5 Sometimes 6 Torturess Ride Into Personality 7 Stillborn Future 8 Latimeria 9 Ars Vivendi 10 Braindeath 06 11 Mourning Has Broken 12 Shit

PLANAR EVIL - Mankind Way Of Life [CD]
1. Intro 0:42 2. Vengeance 'll Come 4:43 3. Run Away 4:54 4. Stabs In The Back 3:39 5. Master Of Deceit 3:30 6. Insane 4:00 7. Intro 1:22 8. Land Of Doom 5:07 9. In Front This Storm 5:22 10. Only Crimes 3:52 11. God Illusion 5:41 12. Welcome To Transylvania... 5:51 + hidden tracks

NICK PARKIN - Island Of Dust [CD]
Jewelcase. 1 Culumulus 8:13 2 Circe 6:36 3 Sarcophagus 5:28 4 Mutability 10:30 5 Arc 5:40 6 Erebus 5:04 7 Island Of Dust 7:50 8 Alluvium 7:59 9 Spores 6:56

WITHERED GARDEN - Exhausted Eden [CD]
Jewelcase. 1 Flame In Your Soul (My Goddess) 5:31 2 Exhausted 3:51 3 Master Melancholia 5:22 4 Redeemer 4:21 5 [untitled] 0:39

MR. DEATH - Descending Through Ashes [BLACK LP]
Black vinyl. A1 To Armageddon A2 The Plague And The World It Made A3 Come Winter A4 Your Final Demise A5 Bloodfalls B1 From The Valley Of Defilement B2 Another State Of Decay B3 Stillborn In A Dying World B4 Descending Through Ashes B5 The Coiled

Fanzine, 96 pages, German - all underground

DIO - Diamonds - The Very Best Of Dio [CD]
1 Holy Diver 2 Rainbow In The Dark 3 Don't Talk To Strangers 4 We Rock 5 The Last In Line 6 Evil Eyes 7 Rock 'n' Roll Children 8 Sacred Heart 9 Hungry For Heaven 10 Hide In The Rainbow 11 Dream Evil 12 Wild One 13 Lock Up The Wolves

MORBID ANGEL - Abominations Of Desolation [CD]
Digipak. 1. The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls 2. Unholy Blasphemies 3. Angel Of Disease 4. Azagthoth 5. The Gate / Lord Of All Fevers 6. Hell Spawn 7. Abominations 8. Demon Seed 9. Welcome To Hell

MERCYFUL FATE - The Bell Witch [MCD]
CD in jewelcase. 1. The Bell Witch 2. Is That You, Melissa 3. Curse Of The Pharaohs 4. Egypt 5. Come To The Sabbath 6. Black Funeral

ANTHRAX - Spreading The Disease [CD]
1. A.I.R. 2. Lone Justice 3. Madhouse 4. S.S.C. / Stand Or Fall 5. The Enemy 6. Aftershock 7. Armed And Dangerous 8. Medusa 9. Gung-Ho

DEFTONES - Adrenaline [CD]
1. Bored 4:06 2. Minus Blindfold 4:04 3. One Weak 4:28 4. Nosebleed 4:26 5. Lifter 4:43 6. Root 3:41 7. 7 Words 3:43 8. Birthmark 4:18 9. Engine No. 9 3:25 10. Fireal 6:35 11. Fist 3:35

IMMOLATION - Here In After [CD]
CD in jewelcase. 1. Nailed To Gold 2. Burn With Jesus 3. Here In After 4. I Feel Nothing 5. Away From God 6. Towards Earth 7. Under The Supreme 8. Christ's Cage

1. Loss For Words 2. Mad World 3. Consumed 4. Holier 5. Positive Outlook 6. Prayer 7. Intervention 8. Kiss Of Death 9. Hungry Child 10. Animosity

BOLT THROWER - Mercenary [CD]
CD in jewelcase. 1. Zeroed 2. Laid To Waste 3. Return From Chaos 4. Mercenary 5. To The Last... 6. Powder Burns 7. Behind Enemy Lines 8. No Guts, No Glory 9. Sixth Chapter

IMMOLATION - Failures For Gods [CD]
CD in jewelcase. 1. Once Ordained 2. No Jesus, No Beast 3. Failures For Gods 4. Unsaved 5. God Made Filth 6. Stench Of High Heaven 7. Your Angel Died 8. The Devil I Know

IMMOLATION - Close To A World Below [CD]
1. Higher Coward 2. Father, You're Not A Father 3. Furthest From The Truth 4. Fall From A High Place 5. Unpardonable Sin 6. Lost Passion 7. Put My Hand In The Fire 8. Close To A World Below

LINKIN PARK - Hybrid Theory [CD]
1. Papercut 3:04 2. One Step Closer 2:36 3. With You 3:32 4. Points Of Authority 3:19 5. Crawling 3:28 6. Runaway 3:04 7. By Myself 3:09 8. In The End 3:36 9. A Place For My Head 3:04 10. Forgotten 3:14 11. Cure For The Itch 2:37 12. Pushing Me Away 3:11

SEDATIVA - Forgotten Fun [CD]
Jewelcase. 1. Flatliners 2. Crawling Monsters 3. Waiting For The Sky 4. Chemistry 5. Forgotten Fun 6. Plastique 7. Cut 8. Loud'n Everywhere 9. Soaking Wet 10. Sirens 11. Curious Games

ARMORED SAINT - Nod To The Old School [CD]
1. Real Swagger 4:20 2. Unstable 4:48 3. March Of The Saint [2001 Version] 3:56 4. Day Of The Eagle 5:33 5. Never Satisfied 4:35 6. Tainted Past [2001 Acoustic Version] 3:14 7. After Me, The Flood 5:13 8. Creepy Feelings 4:56 9. Lesson Well Learned 2:52 10. False Alarm 4:03 11. On The Way 4:43 12. Stricken By Fate 3:29 13. Reign Of Fire 4:15 14. Betty '79 0:54 15. People 4:08 16. Get Lost 3:41 17. Nothing Between The Ears 4:28 18. Pirates 3:10 2001 Metal Blade

NICK PARKIN - Entropolis [CD]
Jewelcase. 1 Entropolis 7:12 2 Vault 7:14 3 Corrosion 6:18 4 Distillate 7:52 5 Pluvial 7:47 6 Chemical Dawn 7:55 7 Thallium 8:29 8 Residues Of Night 5:13 9 Eurus 6:50

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