Product information "NAPALM DEATH - Apex Predator - Easy Meat [ROTTEN BLOOD FILLED VINYL]"
"An overwhelming spread of wildly diverse musical abrasion from the grind chiefs. A contemporary noise classic"

Napalm Death's "Apex Predator – Easy Meat," released in 2015, is a visceral exploration of societal and economic injustices, delivered with the band's trademark intensity. This album presents an overwhelming spread of wildly diverse musical abrasion from the grind chiefs. A contemporary noise classic, "Apex Predator" showcases the band's ability to innovate within the extreme music genre.
The album opens with the eerie, industrial title track "Apex Predator – Easy Meat," setting the stage for a relentless auditory assault. Tracks like "Smash a Single Digit" and "How the Years Condemn" burst forth with explosive grindcore fury, while songs such as "Dear Slum Landlord…" incorporate elements of doom and post-punk, demonstrating the band's versatility.
Lyrically, the album tackles themes of exploitation and dehumanization, with Barney Greenway's powerful vocals delivering scathing critiques of corporate greed and social apathy. The band's unyielding energy and commitment to their message resonate throughout the album, making it a compelling listen for both longtime fans and newcomers.
"Apex Predator – Easy Meat" is a testament to Napalm Death's status as pioneers of grindcore, blending ferocious speed, brutal soundscapes, and thought-provoking content into a cohesive and impactful work.

Release details:
· New dynamic master by Patrick W. Engel, approved by the band
· Heavy matte cover print (350gsm) with 7mm spine, exclusively made for this version only!
· 4 page booklet in LP format with refreshed graphical design
· DIN A2 sized folded poster, two sided
· Comes in PE overbag and polylined antistatic inner sleeve
· Clear vinyl with filled two colored rotten blood liquid *
· Ultra heavy vinyl, pressed and special manufacturing in Germany
· Limited to 100 handnumbered copies
· SCR shop exclusive!
* no animals were harmed, all components are plant-based

No more than 2 copies per orders! Otherwise your order will be cancelled!

Please bear in mind that this is a collector's item for die-hard fans who, like you, collect the music they love. Therefore we ask you to be fair and order only one copy per person.

Track listing:
A1. Apex Predator - Easy Meat
A2. Smash a Single Digit
A3. Metaphorically Screw You
A4. How the Years Condemn
A5. Stubborn Stains
A6. Timeless Flogging
A7. Dear Slum Landlord...
A8. Cesspits
B1. Bloodless Coup
B2. Beyond the Pale
B3. Stunt Your Growth
B4. Hierarchies
B5. One-Eyed
B6. Adversarial / Copulating Snakes
B7. Critical Gluttonous Mass
Artist: Napalm Death
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Vinyl specification: Booklet
Genre: Grindcore