DEAD EYED SLEEPER - Observing Oblivion [CD]

Product information "DEAD EYED SLEEPER - Observing Oblivion [CD]"
The successor of "Through Forests Of Nonentities" is more direct and still highly sophisticated. Death Metal somewhere between Necrophagist and Opeth.

Dead Eyed Sleeper feat.:
Corny Althammer (Disbelief, Ahab) - Drums
Stephan Wandernoth (Ahab) - Guitars
Peter Eifflaender (Ahab live) - Guitars
Sam Atzenberger (Fragments Of Unbecoming) - Vocals
Thomas Amann - Bass

Recorded at Kohlekeller Studios (also Crematory, Sieges Even, Flowing Tears, Benighted, Powerwolf)

Release 25th of March, 2011 as exclusive limited wooden box edition containing two records (Through Forests Of Nonentities & Observing Oblivion) available only in the SCR Online Shop and also as usual jewel case edition!
Artist: Dead Eyed Sleeper
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Death Metal
Format: CD