ECOCIDE - When The Stars Align [STARDUST 7" EP]

Product information "ECOCIDE - When The Stars Align [STARDUST 7" EP]"
Two new and previously unreleased tracks, a final release for the fans.
Sadly, the Dutch youngsters decided to call it quits. The symbiosis of science fiction and old school death metal is quite unique. Being often compared with mighty Bolt Thrower, these guys offer the not only amazing death metal but a fresh, young vibe that you might be missing at most bands nowadays.

HIGHLY recommended for fans of BOLT THROWER, MASSACRE, BRUTALITY and similar stuff.

Strictly limited and handnubmered.
100 x stardust (clear black marbled) vinyl
200 x black vinyl
Artist: Ecocide
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Death Metal
Format: 7" EP