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Product information "THE OSSUARY - Oltretomba [BLACK DLP]"
The Italian word "Oltretomba" stands for the underworld but is also a tribute to the golden age of Italy's cinematic culture in the 70s and 80s with horror films by Fulci, Argento, Bava and the music of Morricone.

The magical, strong-willed and at the same time obscure attraction is also inherent in the third album of THE OSSUARY. The album tells of the various abysses of the human being, sometimes touching occult realms.

The quartet creates its own niche in hard rock, pairs the classic twin guitars with an earthy sound, classic rock elements with a certain proximity to the prog of the 70s are celebrated here with fresh power. Authenticity is placed above all common conventions.

Once again, the Italians THE OSSUARY consistently pursue and refine their own ideal of songs that make the dead dance. And it is a damn cool party, on which "Oltretomba" takes us here.

Volume on 11 and off goes the ride into the dust of a bizarre-morbid italo western...

Black double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with printed insert, limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

- 180g vinyl for a decent handling, balance and permanent vinyl joy
- heavy 350gsm gatefold cover with matte inside-out print
- heavy matte high quality printed insert
- download code
- handnumbered limited edition

Tracklist LP 1
A1. Ratking
A2. Kyrie Eleison
A3. Serpent Magic
B1. Forever Into The Ground
B2. Orbits
Tracklist LP 2
C1. Crucifer
C2. Mourning Star
D1. Devils In The Night Sky
D2. Oltretomba
Artist: The Ossuary
Color: Black
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Vinyl specification: 180g Vinyl, Download Code, Gatefold Sleeve
Genre: Hard Rock
Format: 12" Double Vinyl

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Black vinyl. Beef Chop Suicide Waste Side Story Boogie Woman Too Cool for You Sister Satan Norma Jean Smoke Rocky Lee Not Sorry at All Doomday Hell


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