ANTIMATTER - Alternative Matter [DIGI 2-CD DCD]

Product information "ANTIMATTER - Alternative Matter [DIGI 2-CD DCD]"
Tracklist CD 1
1. Black Sun (Lead Can Dance Tribut)
2. The Art Of A Soft Landing (Acoustic)
3. Far Away (Live)
4. Saviour (Reel To Reel Demo)
5. Landlocked (Mick Moss Remix)
6. In Stone (Acustic)
7. Epitaph (Alternative Matter)
8. Terminal (Duncan Patterson Remix)
9. Mr. White (Live)
10. Flowers (Alternative Matter)
11. Expire (Lackluster Remix)

Tracklist CD 2
1. God Is Coming (Duncan Patterson Remix)
2. Everything You Know Is Wrong (Acoustic)
3. A Portrait Of The Young Man (Enhaced)
4. Flowers (Acoustic)
5. Holocaust (Peel To Peel Demo)
6. The Art Of A Soft Landing (4 Track Demo)
7. Explire (Atrabilis Sunrise Remix)
8. Over Your Shoulder (Acoustic)
9. Dream (4 Track Demo)
10. Lost Control (Acoustic)
11. Epitaph (Orchestral Mix)

2010 Prophecy Productions
Artist: Antimatter
Genre: Alternative Rock