BONJOUR TRISTESSE - Against Leviathan [CD]

Product information "BONJOUR TRISTESSE - Against Leviathan [CD]"
Jewelcase CD with 8 page booklet.

The third BONJOUR TRISTESSE album paints an extremely bleak picture of the dystopian reality of our time from an unusual perspective. It can be seen as an angry and passionate critique of the industrialized world we are living in. At the centre is the conflict between modern humanity and nature.

The album is also the first part of a two-part cycle, which has a conceptual thread running through it. Raw violence goes hand in hand with a feeling for melodies, whereby the pendulum of BONJOUR TRISTESSE often swings towards frenzy and at the same time transports an oppressive feeling with plaintive-manic vocals.

1. Turmoil
2. Nightbringer
3. Against Leviathan
4. Ode to Emptiness
Artist: Bonjour Tristesse
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Black Metal
Format: CD