DANIEL EKEROTH - Schwedischer Death Metal [BOOK]

Product information "DANIEL EKEROTH - Schwedischer Death Metal [BOOK]"
The standard work on Swedish death metal

In the mid-1980s, a small underground movement emerged in Sweden's small towns and suburbs. A handful of restless youths sought out the most extreme music possible, and a network of tapetraders grew. Eventually, these youths picked up instruments themselves and created what would within a few years dominate the world of extreme music - Swedish death metal.

In his 500-page book "Swedish Death Metal", Daniel Ekeroth tells the incredible story of one of the most extreme outgrowths of the heavy metal genre. Furthermore, the book contains a comprehensive encyclopedia of Swedish death metal bands (over 900 entries) and fanzines, as well as a vast amount of rare visual material. Some 30 of the scene's most important personalities have been specially interviewed, and some of their anecdotes are as wild as the music itself. Nevertheless, the music always remains the focus of the research, as the fantastic music is the greatest achievement of the Swedish death metal movement.

German language, 487 pages.
Artist: Daniel Ekeroth
Label/Manufacturer: Index Verlag