DUST - The Fall Of All Things [BLACK LP]


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Product number: SCR070LP
Product information "DUST - The Fall Of All Things [BLACK LP]"
Black vinyl, limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

With "The Fall Of All Things" the Doom veterans DUST from Bielefeld hit us with their fourth album and tear everything down without any compromises.
Their ultra-heavy mixture of doom, metal, sludge and rock with lots of corners and edges wafts out of the speakers in the form of five overlong songs.
The production captures the irrepressible energy and the earthy sound of the foursome gives the listener a pasting with the power of a live show so vehemently, that you're immediately up for a secret basement show where the plaster crumbles from the ceiling. This bastard from Sludge and Stoner rolls angrily over you and announces the end of all being.

Even after 20 years DUST are a guarantor for infinite heavyness, downright the epitome of heavyness.

The vinyl version of the album is correspondingly heavy, with special details such as bronze foil printing on the thick cardboard cover, the 180g vinyl completes the package.

Available as limited first edition digipak and heavy vinyl.

Vinyl details:
· 180g heavy vinyl for maximum quality and durability
· heavy cover 425gsm cover with deluxe bronze foil print
· high quality lyrics insert
· download code
· "I Love Vinyl" sticker
· antistatic polylined black inner sleeve
Artist: Dust
Color: Black
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Vinyl specification: 180g Vinyl, Download Code
Genre: Sludge
Format: 12" LP

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Ravishing avantgarde black metal with overwhelming musical themes based on amazing musicianship and a wide range of vocal styles. This is truely a gem that needs to be discovered! Cover artwork by Truls Espedal (also worked for ENSLAVED). 01. Ghost 02. Schrein 03. Lost 04. Shinigami 05. Necromant 06. Zuflucht 07. 4JK 08. Origin 09. Pacific “Pretty impressive, they show a big step up musically!” - Alan Averill, PRIMORDIAL “One of the most cohesive music in my recent memories. Todtgelichter doesn’t stand in anyone’s shadow. A real cracker! Unequivocally recommended!” - Fabban, ABORYM “-Rooms- is an album of many shades, quirks, and crevices...It creeps up on you like shadows cast across the broken hotel floorboards at sunset, then leaves you in a melancholic stupor. Listen with an open mind, absorb the poignant and emotively sung (and screamed) lyrics… and request a late check-out.” - Xen, NE OBLIVISCARIS "With a high level of self-confidence and maturity Todtgelichter keep moving forward and create their very own style in today's extreme metal landscape. With every release they extend their musical range of different sounds and instruments more and more while always keeping it catchy and melodic. Thanks to the organic production everything fits perfectly together, each song has a great natural flow and nothing seems out of place. Very well done!" – Nikita Kamprad, Der Weg einer Freiheit “Mighty like a mountain, deep like the hadal zone, this enigmatic spectre opens the voids between dreams and death. Todtgelichter's brilliant Opus Magnum will haunt you...” – Chryst, Korova/ Korovakill/ Chryst Hell is Open Review 10/10! Legacy 12/15 - Soundcheck #11! Metal.de 9/10 Release Show 27.02.2016 Hamburg, Markthalle / Marx Tour with AGRYPNIE and ANOMALIE 20.05.2016 Oberhausen, Helvete 21.05.2016 Stuttgart, Zentral 22.05.2016 Zürich (CH), Dynamo 23.05.2016 München, Feierwerk 24.05.2016 Salzburg (AT), Rockhouse 25.05.2016 TBA 26.05.2016 Wien (AT), Viper Room 27.05.2016 Leipzig, Hellraiser 28.05.2016 Weinheim, Café Central

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The vinyl version of the highly acclaimed "Eye of Wicked Sight" from Dutch death metal hopefuls Ecocide. Finest old school death metal with Lovecraftian sifi lyrics. HIGHLY recommended for fans of BOLT THROWER, MASSACRE, BRUTALITY and similar stuff. You can check out this killer album on Bandcamp. The vinyl will be limited to 300 copies only! There will be two versions: 100 x die-hard edition on clear / purple splatter vinyl 200 x on regular black vinyl ECOCIDE on facebook 1. Multiverse 2. Planet Eater 3. Alien Intervention 4. Eye of Wicked Sight 5. Uknown Disease 6. Terror From Beyond 7. Crawling From the Crypt 8. Beneath the Flesh Black vinyl, ltd. 200 - 180g black vinyl - heavy card board (350g) cover with matte print - matte printed A2 poster on heavy paper - matte printed lyrics sheet on heavy paper - numbered - download card for free MP3 version of the album

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Heavy as hell and yet diversified. The new album from UNDERTOW shows all possible brilliant shades of their sound and is even adding some new characteristics. Not least to mention the guest appearances of Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain) and Björn Gosses (The Very End, ex-Night In Gales). 01. Barefaced (Intro) 02. Canvas Ghosts 03. BoxShapedHeart 04. These Boots Are Made For Stalking 05. In Deepest Silence 06. Inside One 07. Slatesoul 08. Everember 09. The Strain 10. Now And Forever + 2 bonus tracks as download - 180g vinyl black (ltd. 200), white (ltd. 100) - gatefold cover, heavy print - A2 poster, 2 sided, matte print - download code

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THE DUSKFALL is back! Their new opus which was mastered by Ahti Kortelainen (Sonata Arctica, Moonsorrow, Sentenced…) marks the band’s return to the scene after seven years of silence and delivers all the strengths of the Swedish metallers! Intense guitar solos, unforgettable melodies and brutal death / thrash riffing are the most obvious elements of the band’s style. Above all soars the aggressive, yet emotional voice of Magnus that gives a very special edge to anthems like “Endgame”, “Farewell” or “We The Freaks”. With “Where The Tree Stands Dead” THE DUSKFALL truly embraced the essence of their sound. This IS Swedish Metal at its very best! Tracklist: 01. To The Pigs 02. Farewell 03. I Can Kill You 04. Where The Tree Stands Dead 05. We The Freaks 06. Endgame 07. Hate For Your God 08. The Charade 09. Burn Your Ghosts 10. Travesty 11. We Bleed The artwork was done by Gustavo Sazes (u.a. Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel...). The vinyl version comes with: - 180g vinyl for a decent handling, balance and permanent vinyl joy - heavy 300g cover with matte inside-out print - heavy matte high quality printed insert - handnumbered limited edition: 100 x transparent red with black splatters (SCR only) 100 x clear with black splatters (EMP only) 200 x clear 100 x black This is the clear version, limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

Hell is Open: 10 von 10 Zephyr's Odem: 10 von 10 XXL Rock: 7 von 7 FFM Rock: 10 von 10 Music-Scan: 8,5/10 Allschools: 9/10 Powermetal.de: 9/10 Legacy: 13/15 Soundcheck #4! The new epos from the german progressive death black metal machine. With its morbid fascination for diseases and a widespread utilization of genres beyond any standards this album is growing with every listen taking control over your henceforth understanding of extreme metal music! More than 70 minutes on heavy double vinyl beautifully chosen splatter editions completed by matte heavy weight insert and gatefold print! This is a deluxe edition including: - double vinyl for high quality sound - 180g vinyl for a decent handling, balance and permanent vinyl joy - heavy 350g gatefold cover with matte inside-out print - matte heavy 250g high quality printed insert - handnumbered limited editions: 100 x clear/black/grey/green splatter (SCR only) 100 x grey/white splatter (Apostasy Records only) 200 x clear 100 x black Tracklisting LP1 A1. Demutatio A2. Agnitio A3. Asperitas B1. Inexistenzia LP2 C1 Abdico C2 Discrepantia C3 Circuitus D1 Semivivus D2 Evigilantem

GORILLA MONSOON - Firegod - Feeding The Beast [WHITE LP]
The third full length album from the German stoner rock institution GORILLA MONSOON. Dirty rock, heavy riffs and a raspy voice, an mix you might expect from the mighty Kyuss. Classic heavy rock in the manner of Black Sabbath, southern drone somewhere between Crowbar, Down and Lynyrd Skynyrd with a death metal snot from Entombed. 1. Goatlord 2. March of the Hellrock Inc. 3. Hammerdown 4. P.O.R.N. 5. Bastard Business 6. Law of the Riff 7. Call of Gaia 8. Shotgun Justice 9. Firegod Includes download code for whole album + bonus track "Glory Days". Presented as 180g vinyl with 350g cover, insert and handnumbered. SOLD OUT 100 x Clear with orange and black splatters SOLD OUT 200 x Clear SOLD OUT 200 x Black 100 x Fire colored ultra clear/transparent red/transparent orange swirl effect (SCR exclusive!) 200 x Transparent red 200 x White