Product information "GRAND MAGUS - The Hunt [CLEAR/RED/BLACK DLP]"
Clear double vinyl with red and black Splatter in gatefold sleeve.

Tracklist LP 1
A1. Starlight Slaughter
A2. Sword Of The Ocean
A3. Valhalla Rising
B1. Storm King
B2. Silver Moon
B3. The Hunt
Tracklist LP 2
C1. Son Of The Last Breath
C2. Iron Hand
C3. Draksådd
D1. Silver Moon (Demo)
D2. Storm King (Demo)
D3. Sword Of The Ocean (Demo)
Artist: Grand Magus
Color: Black, Clear, Red
Color effect: Splatter
Label/Manufacturer: Back On Black
Vinyl specification: Gatefold Sleeve
Genre: Hard Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal
Format: 12" Double Vinyl

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Some blacker marbled double vinyl. LP1 - Side A 1. Enter Sandman 2. Sad But True 3. Holier Than Thou LP1 - Side B 1. The Unforgiven 2. Wherever I May Roam 3. Don’t Tread On Me LP2 - Side C 1. Through The Never 2. Nothing Else Matters 3. Of Wolf And Man LP2 - Side D 1. The God That Failed 2. My Friend Of Misery 3. The Struggle Within

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Ultra heavy brownish wooden box with logo and numbering, limited to 100 copies only! Contains: - Exclusive ultra clear double vinyl with purple and brown splatters (exclusively in this box set) - Digipak CD - Exclusive limited tape edition in smoke clear colored shell - The Ossuary logo metal pin badge Total weight: ~3kg, box itself ~1,6kg This box has been produced and assembled in a local factory for disabled persons. This means with the purchase of this box you also support a social project and give work to the people at this institution, namely "Ledder Werkstätten" which resides right next to the label office. If you want to further support this home for disabled persons please feel free to raise your amount sent for the box. ALL money above the price of the box + shipping will be directly given to this institution! If you want know more about the process of developing this box or the institution please follow our social accounts for the whole story. About the album: The Italian word "Oltretomba" stands for the underworld but is also a tribute to the golden age of Italy's cinematic culture in the 70s and 80s with horror films by Fulci, Argento, Bava and the music of Morricone. The magical, strong-willed and at the same time obscure attraction is also inherent in the third album of THE OSSUARY. The album tells of the various abysses of the human being, sometimes touching occult realms. The quartet creates its own niche in hard rock, pairs the classic twin guitars with an earthy sound, classic rock elements with a certain proximity to the prog of the 70s are celebrated here with fresh power. Authenticity is placed above all common conventions. Once again, the Italians THE OSSUARY consistently pursue and refine their own ideal of songs that make the dead dance. And it is a damn cool party, on which "Oltretomba" takes us here. Volume on 11 and off goes the ride into the dust of a bizarre-morbid italo western... 1. Ratking 2. Kyrie Eleison 3. Serpent Magic 4. Forever Into The Ground 5. Orbits 6. Crucifer 7. Mourning Star 8. Devils in The Night Sky 9. Oltretomba

THE OSSUARY - Southern Funeral [BLACK LP]
Are you feeling like us and missing the authentic, earthy power of classic heavy rock? That heavy rock, which even reveals a certain closeness to the prog in the true sense of the word and the fresh wildness of the first metal bands of the 70s, when the term heavy metal didn't even exist yet? If so, THE OSSUARY is exactly your sound! Now we are again surrounded by the wonderful-modern smell of the past, and also the first dust clouds are trickling again - because THE OSSUARY are back! The second album is called "Southern Funeral" and puts another scoop on top: more drive, more melancholy and just more of everything! Lean back, close your eyes and just enjoy! This high quality vinyl edition brought to you by Supreme Chaos Records features: - 180g heavy vinyl for maximum quality and durability - heavy 425gsm gatefold cover - lyrics insert - download code - "I Love Vinyl" sticker - antistatic polylined black inner sleeve - handnumbered limited editions Black vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Available colors: 100 x Ultra clear with black, blue, green and yellow splatters (SCR Mailorder Exclusive) 200 x Sea blue semi transparent 200 x Black Track listing: A1. Walk Into Sepulchral Haze A2. Maze Of No Return A3. Belphegor A4. Southern Funeral B1. Eternal Pyre B2. Sleep Demon B3. Under The Spell B4. Shadow Of Plague

UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence [BLACK LP]
Heavy as hell and yet diversified. The new album from UNDERTOW shows all possible brilliant shades of their sound and is even adding some new characteristics. Not least to mention the guest appearances of Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain) and Björn Gosses (The Very End, ex-Night In Gales). 01. Barefaced (Intro) 02. Canvas Ghosts 03. BoxShapedHeart 04. These Boots Are Made For Stalking 05. In Deepest Silence 06. Inside One 07. Slatesoul 08. Everember 09. The Strain 10. Now And Forever + 2 bonus tracks as download - 180g vinyl black (ltd. 200), white (ltd. 100) - gatefold cover, heavy print - A2 poster, 2 sided, matte print - download code

UNDERTOW - In Deepest Silence [CD]
Heavy as hell and yet diversified. The new album from UNDERTOW shows all possible brilliant shades of their sound and is even adding some new characteristics. Not least to mention the guest appearances of Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain) and Björn Gosses (The Very End, ex-Night In Gales). 01. Barefaced (Intro) 02. Canvas Ghosts 03. BoxShapedHeart 04. These Boots Are Made For Stalking 05. In Deepest Silence 06. Inside One 07. Slatesoul 08. Everember 09. The Strain 10. Now And Forever

These guys know how to kick your ass ! Straight forward and heavy death metal mixed up with modern metal and core influences. The first copies come with an additional poster ! Check out the samples ! MySpace

KARKADAN - Eternal black reflections [CD]
The debut record of KARKADAN - a band under the sign of SCR. With this record the band got very good reactions both, from the press and from the fans. This is a rerelease with new artwork.


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