MACHINE HEAD - Of Kingdom And Crown [DIGIPAK CD]

Product information "MACHINE HEAD - Of Kingdom And Crown [DIGIPAK CD]"
Limited edition digipak with 2 bonus songs.

1. Slaughter The Martyr
2. Choke On The Ashes Of Your Hate
3. Become The Firestorm
4. Overdose
5. May Hands Are Empty
6. Unhallowed
7. Assimilate
8. Kill Thy Enemies
9. No Gods, No Masters
10. Bloodshot
11. Rotten
12. Terminus
13. Arrows In Words From The Sky
14. Exteroception (Bonus)
15. Arrows In Words From The Sky (Acoustic) (Bonus)
Artist: Machine Head
Label/Manufacturer: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Thrash Metal
Format: Digi CD

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HORRESQUE - Chasms Pt. II - The Devouring Exorbitance [MARBLED LP]
SCR exclusive 'Malstrom clear/green/black marbled' vinyl, limited to 100 handnumbered copies. Vinyl details: · 140g quality pressed vinyl (pressed in Germany) · heavy 350gsm cover · high quality 16 pages booklet in LP format · "I Love Vinyl" sticker · antistatic polylined black inner sleeve Grim and powerful, highly energetic Blackened Death Metal with a unique twist of doubleguitar melodies, inexorable and powerful drumming and devilish vocals, Horresque don’t sound like everyone else. The Lyrics are the real deal – authentic stories put the Chasms of the human psyche on unadorned display. The sophomore full-length ‘Chasms Pt. II – The Devouring Exorbitance’ was recorded at Woodshed Studios in Landshut under the masterful hands of Victor Santura. Coverart and Layouting was done by Irrwisch Artdesign. Track listing: A1. Colonia Dignidad A2. A Mendacious Myth A3. Extinction Threshold B1. Herrmann's End B2. Mother Knows Best B3. Earthlings

Disclaimer: This record contains earthy death metal! The Bremen/Ruhrpott scene veterans PHANTOM CORPORATION smash a crusty bastard of death metal and thrash into your ears. The 4 songs all go forward, Leif Jensen (ex-Dew-Scented) tortures his organ to the extreme and sends you immediately into the pit. Jens from Slaughterday / Temple of Dread was brought on board as a guest for the Kreator cover "Take Their Lives". The PC tracks were produced and recorded by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio (God Dethroned, Suicidal Angels etc.). HARROWED from Sweden lump together the best of good old Swedish death metal and let the energy and unpolishedness of the early days shine through, so that you immediately reminisce. The musicians are no strangers to the scene due to their activities with Dead Lord and Morbus Chron, among others. Flip over digipak with one band on each side and 8 pages booklet, limited to 300 handnumbered copies. 1. Phantom Corporation - Insurgents 2. Phantom Corporation - The Abyss 3. Phantom Corporation - Alongside Hell 4. Phantom Corporation - Take Their Lives 5. Harrowed - Poison Death 6. Harrowed - Reap The Storm 7. Harrowed - Wendigo

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The eighth studio album from HATESPHERE is straight forward thrashing metal from Denmark. Recorded at Anfarm studios by Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, SICK OF IT ALL, MOONSPELL, DARK TRANQUILLITY). Transparent red vinyl, limited to 250 numbered copies. Heavy 180g vinyl with lyrics insert. A1. Murderlust A2. Pandora's Hell A3. Fear Me A4. The Violent Act A5. Punishable By Death B1. In Process B2. Iconoclast B3. Darkest Of Forces B4. Refill The Chest B5. Assassin (Muse Cover)

HATESPHERE - The Great Bludgeoning [RED LP]
Limited first edition, 180g vinyl, gatefold cover, numbered 100 x clear/transparent red splatter die-hard version 400 x transparent red version The infamous Danish institution responsible for delivering the heaviest of riffs unleashes its latest album "The Great Bludgeoning": a merciless and brutal inferno that will leave a trail of destruction in its wake. Guitarist and mastermind Peter "Pepe" Hansen and his accomplices confirm the band's supremacy and reach new heights with blistering tracks, such as "Venom", "Need to Kill", and "Smell of Death". High-speed riffs, furious solos, and grueling drums are the foundation of Hatesphere's sound, in which technical prowess and appeal brilliantly unite. Esben "Esse" Hansen, the new man on the mic, emerges as a driving force, using his aggressive vocals to push the band even further. As a result of this perfectly balanced cooperation, Hatesphere delivers a compact and uncompromising album that will outflank even the band's previous classic releases. The ultimate Danish thrash death metal manifestation! Brutal and merciless! Will be shipped starting October 7th, 2011.

The new intense and powerful album from the Danish thrash metal kings finally availalble as exclusive vinyl versions. Matte cover print, matte lyrics sheet, black vinyl, limited to 700 copies. Side A: 1. To The Nines 2. Backstabber 3. Cloaked In Shit 4. Clarity 5. Even If It Kills Me Side B: 6. Commencing A Campaign 7. The Writing's On The Wall 8. In The Trenches 9. Aurora 10. Oceans Of Blood Also available as splatter vinyl version.

BLOOD RED ANGEL - Crime Entertainment [CD]
The third album of the Rhine Area Thrashers offers pure modern metal - something for everyone ! Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Disabled Mankind 3. Like a Cancer 4. Damaged 5. World of Scum 6. Downwards 7. War Entertainment 8. Presence of a Shadow 9. The New Rights 10. Darksideforce 11. Decline


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Neon orange vinyl, limited to 300 copies. A1. Strong-arm (03:04) A2. Diktat (03:41) A3. Work To Rule (03:16) A4. On The Brink Of Extinction (03:29) A5. Time Waits For No Slave (04:26) A6. Life And Limb (04:00) A7. Downbeat Clique (04:26) B1. Fallacy Dominion (04:07) B2. Passive Tense (03:48) B3. Larceny Of The Heart (03:36) B4. Procrastination On The Empty Vessel (02:56) B5. Feeling Redundant (03:23) B6. A No-sided Argument (02:13) B7. De-evolution Ad Nauseum (03:48)

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Jewelcase CD. 1. Peaceful, Quiet, Safe 2. Tapestry of our End 3. Unprecedented Aggression 4. Blodfattig 5. The Cancer Pledge 6. I know why I´m cold 7. Season of Arson 8. Breathe the Water