MY DYING BRIDE - Turn Loose The Swans [CD]

Product information "MY DYING BRIDE - Turn Loose The Swans [CD]"
"Le Cerf Malade" taken from EP "The Thrash of Naked Limbs" (1992). "Transcending (Into The Exquisite)" taken from EP "I am the Bloody Earth" (1994). "Your Shameful Heaven" live recording Dynamo Festival 1995.

2. Your River
3. The Songless Bird
4. The Snow In My Hand
5. The Crown Of Sympathy
6. Turn Loose The Swans
7. Black God
8. Le Cerf Malade
9. Transcending (Into The Exquisite)
10. Your Shameful Heaven (Live)
Artist: My Dying Bride
Label/Manufacturer: Peaceville Records
Genre: Heavy Metal