CRIB45 - Marching Through The Borderlines [DIGIPAK CD]

Product information "CRIB45 - Marching Through The Borderlines [DIGIPAK CD]"
CRIB45 from Finland are a well kept secret.
They give as a conjunction of progression and agression, massive Riffs, purfled by fragile leades, are extended to full ecstasy are tearing at you with its hypnotic effects by adding distorted vocals which scream out the pain into this world.

If you are into bands like Cult of Luna or even Ghost Brigade - get your hands on this album!

1. Gathering The Storms 04:00
2. Catharsis 05:37
3. Waiting For Deliverance 09:31
4. Borderlines 12:47
5. Towards Perdition 05:08
6. Fading Hope 12:42
7. Into The Abyss 10:11
8. Clearing The Eye 03:41
9. Transcending 12:02

Total playing time 74:52
Artist: Crib45
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records, Symbolic Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Format: Digi CD