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Product number: SCR061DLP
Product information "GORILLA MONSOON - Damage King [BLACK DLP]"
Finally on vinyl! Special vinyl mastering done by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony studios! 3 bonus tracks!

This high quality vinyl edition brought to you by Supreme Chaos Records features:
- 180g heavy double vinyl for maximum quality and durability
- playing at 45rpm for the perfect sound
- heavy gatefold cover with reworked artwork and surprise inner side
- download code
- "I Love Vinyl" sticker
- antistatic polylined inner sleeve
- handnumbered limited editions

Black vinyl, limited to 200 copies only!

Available colors:
100 x milky clear with dark green, bone and black splatters (SCR Mailorder)
200 x color in color bone / brown vinyl
200 x black
Artist: Gorilla Monsoon
Color: Black
Color effect: Color in Color, Splatter
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Vinyl specification: 180g Vinyl, Download Code, Gatefold Sleeve
Genre: Stoner Rock
Format: 12" Double Vinyl

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Gatefold LP (opaque cream white vinyl) with 12-page booklet insert in ploylined inner sleeve and protection sleeve. With their ninth full-length "The Head & The Habit", Swedish heavy rockers GREENLEAF have reached the pinnacle of a long evolution. The musical handwriting and well-honed mastery of guitarist Tommi Holappa, who has been a pioneer and pillar of the European stoner rock scene for more than 25 years, shines clearly through. This is perfectly complemented by the soulfulness, intuitive sense of melody, and depth of character that the vocals of classically-trained singer Arvid Hällagård bring to the sound of GREENLEAF. Apart from world-class vocal lines and massive riffs with electric fuzz-power, GREENLEAF have put extra thought into the themes of "The Head & The Habit", which lift its lyrics far above much of the often cliché-ridden genre. As the album title implies, the new songs resemble symbolic short stories that revolve around emotional struggles and even mental illness. Written by the vocalist, the lyrics reflect real life experience as Hällagård works with people who suffer from problems with drug abuse and psychological health. Heavy rock afficionados GREENLEAF were initially formed as an informal project by friends that were already playing in other bands including such notable names as DOZER, LOWRIDER, and DEMON CLEANER. The Swedes simply wanted an outlet for their mutual love of '70s-era hard rock and proto-metal while being free from the expectations and pressures of their main bands. Despite intentions to keep GREENLEAF purely for pleasure, the undiluted joy of creating catchy songs led to everyone demanding for that material to be recorded. This eventually resulted in the release of a self-titled debut EP in 2000, which was quickly followed by first full-length "Revolution Rock" only a year later. Having turned from an on and off fling to a full-time love affair, the years of rotating line-ups ended and GREENLEAF's newfound focus and stability was crowned by their fifth album "Trails & Passes" (2014), which featured new permanent vocalist Arvid Hällagård. This milestone also marked the beginning of a new phase of the band. With "The Head & The Habit", GREENLEAF combine an awareness of past triumphs with mature craftsmanship, showcasing their confidence in how to rock stronger, harder, and more to the point than ever before. The Swedes melt thunderous riff-magic, enrapturing and soul-heavy vocals, frenetic rhythms and driving attacks into a ear-catching, sparkling alloy of hard rocking anthems! Tracklist: 1. Breathe, Breathe Out 2. Avalanche 3. Different Horses 4. A Wolf In My Mind 5. That Obsidian Grin 6. The Sirens Sound 7. Oh Dandelion 8. The Tricking Tree 9. An Alabastrine Smile

Transparent violet/white marbled vinyl. Tracklist: 01. Prologue 02. The Forest Church 03. Mountain Throne 04. Maxine (Witch Queen) 05. One For Sorrow 06. Song Of The Stones 07. The Ancient Ways 08. Hunters In The Sky 09. Oceans Of Time

GREEN LUNG - This Heathen Land [CD]
Jewelcase CD. 1 Prologue 2 The Forest Church 3 Mountain Throne 4 Maxine (Witch Queen) 5 One for Sorrow 6 Song of the Stones 7 The Ancient Ways 8 Hunters in the Sky 9 Oceans of Time

HIGH ON FIRE - De Vermis Mysteriis [BLACK ICE DLP]
Black ice double vinyl. A1 Serums Of Liao A2 Bloody Knuckles A3 Fertile Green B1 Madness Of An Architect B2 Samsara (Guitar [Additional] – Kurt Ballou) B3 Spiritual Rites (Vocals [Additional] – Ashley Redshaw) C1 King Of Days C2 De Vermis Mysteriis C3 Romulus And Remus D1 Warhorn (Guitar [Additional] – Kurt Ballou)

Translucent ruby double vinyl. Side A: Snakes For The Divine Frost Hammer Side B: Bastard Samurai Ghost Neck Side C: The Path Fire, Flood & Plague Side D: How Dark We Pray Holy Flames Of The Fire Spitter

KYUSS - Muchas Gracias: The Best Of Kyuss [TRANSPARENT BLUE DLP]
Transparent blue double-vinyl. 1. Un Sandpiper 2. Shine 3. 50 Million Year Trip Downside Up 4. Mudfly 5. Demon Cleaner Best of Edit 6. A Day Early and a Dollar Extra 7. I'm Not 8. Hurricane 9. Flip the Phase 10. Fatso Forgotso 11. El Rodeo 12. Gardenia Live - Edit Version 13. Thumb Live 14. Conan Troutman Live Edit Version 15. Freedom Run Live

KARDASHEV - Liminal Rite [DIGI]
1. The Approaching of Atonement 2. Silvered Shadows 3. Apparitions in Candlelight 4. Dissever 5. Lavender Calligraphy 6. The Blinding Threshold 7. Compost Grave-Song 8. Cellar of Ghosts 9. Glass Phantoms 10. A Vagabond's Lament 11. Beyond The Passage of Embers

Black double vinyl with etching on D side in gatefold sleeve. Tracklist LP 1 A1. Silver A2. Pulsar B1. Obscurum B2. Echo of Direction Tracklist LP 2 C1. Gold C2. Momentum

THE HELLACOPTERS - Eyes of oblivion [CD]
1. Reap A Hurricane 2. Can It Wait 3. So Sorry I Could Die 4. Eyes Of Oblivion 5. A Plow And A Doctor 6. Positively Not Knowing 7. Tin Foil Soldier 8. Beguiled 9. The Pressure's On 10. Try Me Tonight

BURDEN - Man Of No Account [BLACK 7" EP]
Black vinyl. A1. The Slug. The Drag. The Misery B1. Man Of No Account



GORILLA MONSOON - Firegod - Feeding The Beast [CD]
The third full length album from the German stoner rock institution GORILLA MONSOON. Dirty rock, heavy riffs and a raspy voice, an mix you might expect from the mighty Kyuss. Classic heavy rock in the manner of Black Sabbath, southern drone somewhere between Crowbar, Down and Lynyrd Skynyrd with a death metal snot from Entombed. But anno 2015 more relaxed than ever before. 1. Goatlord 2. March of the Hellrock Inc. 3. Hammerdown 4. P.O.R.N. 5. Bastard Business 6. Law of the Riff 7. Call of Gaia 8. Shotgun Justice 9. Firegod

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GORILLA MONSOON - Firegod - Feeding The Beast [WHITE LP]
The third full length album from the German stoner rock institution GORILLA MONSOON. Dirty rock, heavy riffs and a raspy voice, an mix you might expect from the mighty Kyuss. Classic heavy rock in the manner of Black Sabbath, southern drone somewhere between Crowbar, Down and Lynyrd Skynyrd with a death metal snot from Entombed. 1. Goatlord 2. March of the Hellrock Inc. 3. Hammerdown 4. P.O.R.N. 5. Bastard Business 6. Law of the Riff 7. Call of Gaia 8. Shotgun Justice 9. Firegod Includes download code for whole album + bonus track "Glory Days". Presented as 180g vinyl with 350g cover, insert and handnumbered. SOLD OUT 100 x Clear with orange and black splatters SOLD OUT 200 x Clear SOLD OUT 200 x Black 100 x Fire colored ultra clear/transparent red/transparent orange swirl effect (SCR exclusive!) 200 x Transparent red 200 x White

High quality printed back patch with sewed edge showing the hands up design and OBELYSKKH logo. Height: 28 cm Top width: 25 cm Bottom width: 20 cm


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NOCTE OBDUCTA - Umbriel (Das Schweigen zwischen den Sternen) [WHITE DLP]
White double vinyl in gatefold sleeve, limited to 100 copies. Tracklist LP 1 A1. Kerkerwelten - Teil 1 A2. Gottverreckte Finsternis A3. 01-86 Umbriel B1. Dinner Auf Uranos B2. Mehr Hass Tracklist LP 2 C1. Leere D1. Ein Nachmittag Mit Edgar D2. Reprise Dinner Auf Uranos D3. Kerkerwelten - Teil 2

Black double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Tracklist LP 1 A1. Shallow A2. Mental Central Dialog A3. Brand A4. Cancertid A5. Konvulsion B1. Twitch B2. Narcotic Devotion B3. Alltid - Aldrig B4. Stängt P.G.A Semester B5. Original Tracklist LP 2 C1. Bitter Reflektion C2. Mitt Annexia C3. Spiken I Kistan C4. En Tyst Minut

NOCTE OBDUCTA - Mogontiacum (Nachdem die Nacht herabgesunken...) [BLACK DLP]
Black double vinyl in gatefold sleeve including bonus track. Tracklist LP 1 A1. Am Ende Des Sommers A2. Glückliche Kinder B3. Ein Ouzo Auf Den Nordwind B4. Lethe, Stein Und See - Teil I B5. Löschkommando Walpurgisnacht B6. Tango Im Festungsgraben Tracklist LP 2 A1. Desîhra Mogontiacum B2. Die Pfähler B3. Am Waldrand B4. Lethe, Stein Und See - Teil II B5. Im Dunst Am Ewigen Grab Der Sonne

CHAPEL OF DISEASE - ...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye [CLEAR/WHITE MARBLED LP]
Clear/white marbled vinyl, limited to 500 copies. 1. Void of Words 2. Oblivious - Obnoxious - Defiant 3. Song of the Gods 4. Null 5. 1.000 Different Paths 6. The Sound of Shallow Grey

GORILLA MONSOON - Hellrock Inc. Patch [PATCH]
Woven Patch 10cm x 6cm 100% cotton

VERSUS THE STILLBORN-Minded - Peacefully, In Their Sleep, They'll Crush Us Like Lice [BLACK LP]
A very surprising release from sludge/stoner veterans VTSM. Diversified, yet with a overwhelming energy. Black vinyl. A 1. Nosfera I / The Pruning Looks A 2. True(Ly) Miasmal Intercourse A 3. Chore And Order B 4. Nosfera II / Proneliness B 5. Nosfera III / A Tepid Drug B 6. My Palace, Sequestered

With AGRYPNIE, ex-Nocte Obducta singer Torsten again prises open the limits of conventional black metal and creates a cold piece of music that leaves enough room for varied interpretations. Emotional moments combined with the pure aggression of blast parts based on extraordinary varied drumming. With this album you get involved in a more than one hour lasting journey through atmospheric soundscapes which are created by deranged and unheard-of arrangements. The cold face of AGRYPNIE is also revealed by the according lyrics which are thematizing interpersonal paradigms. Will be released as Jewelcase and limited DigiPak edition. DigiPak version includes additional poster !

€6.90* €9.90* (30.3% saved)
previously €9.90*
AGRYPNIE - 16 [485] [CD]
The third album from AGRYPNIE is more raging and yet more varied than its two predecessors. Accompanied with beautiful artwork, the world of sound which was created by ex NOCTE OBDUCTA singer Torsten is aloof from any black metal clichés, based on ambitious lyrics. Alboin (also known from Geist - lyrics and vocals) and the renowned ambient artist Mathias Grassow were contributing works for this album as studio guests. Track listing: 1. Figur 109-3 2. Der tote Trakt 3. Kadavergehorsam 4. Verfall 5. Schlaf 6. Zorn 7. F15.2 8. Morgen 9. 16[485] / Brücke aus Glas 10. Figur 109-1 '16[485]' will be released as strictly limited digipak version in DVD box size (limited to 1000 numbered copies) and as usual jewelcase CD. The album will be shipped starting January 8th 2010.

€6.90* €9.90* (30.3% saved)
previously €9.90*
AGRYPNIE - Aetas Cineris [CD]
With a playing time of almost 80 minutes the new AGRYPNIE epic will take you to a cold melancholic world of sound which is interrupted by outbursts of black metal. Again recorded in the SU2 studios and featured with guest vocals done by Eklatanz from Heretoir, the brilliant sound completes this album in all its dimensions... This usual jewelcase version includes a 16 pages booklet. 1. Trümmer / Aetas Cineris 2. Dezember 3. Zurück 4. Kosmos [Alpha] 5. Gnosis 6. Erwachen 7. Sinnflut 8. Asche Available as limited digibook edition (CD+DVD), jewelcase CD and strictly limited vinyl! AGRYPNIE on Facebook

DEAD ALONE - Nemesis [CD]
Regarding subject matter "Nemesis" describes at best the direction of DEAD ALONE’s new album. Devastation, death and sadness are the leading topics of this longplayer that is the most grown up and multi-faceted one of the group so far. Between Death, Black and Doom Metal DEAD ALONE created their own multi-dimensional space for over ten years and develope it consistently with "Nemesis". Steadily changing between aggression and grief these ten new compositions are creating a vortex that tears the listeners right into the darkness and captures them merciless between these extremes. The drums were recorded at the "Devasoundz Studios" (SEPTICFLESH, ROTTING CHRIST, CHAOSTAR) in Athens directed by Fotis Benardo (SEPTICFLESH, CHAOSTAR). For the recordings of bass guitars, guitars and vocals DEAD ALONE worked with Sebastian Moser of the "Grotesque Studios" in Munich again, who already gave “Ad Infinitum” the right sound. Besides the recordings the mix and the mastering were also made there. 1. Nemesis 2. Eclipse 3. Great New World 4. Of Ash & Flesh 5. Confession 6. Wreckage 7. Watch Me Fall 8. As Worlds Collide 9. Shade 10. The Awakening 11. Bonustrack: Confession (Alternative Mix)