LAY DOWN ROTTEN - Breeding Insanity [LTD.2-CD DCD]

Product information "LAY DOWN ROTTEN - Breeding Insanity [LTD.2-CD DCD]"
CD in jewelcase incl.Bonus-CD with 3 Coversongs (CARCASS, PANTERA, DEEP PURPLE), limited to 2000 copies.

1. Breeding Insanity
2. Pulling The Trigger
3. Within The Veil - The Antidote
4. Undead Race
5. Century Of Exploitation
6. Through Purple Woods And Ashen Plains
7. Desolated
8. Into Oblivion
9. Venomous Blessings
Bonus Disc:
1. Heartwork
2. Domination
3. Black Night
Artist: Lay Down Rotten
Label/Manufacturer: Remission Records
Genre: Death Metal