NECROTTED - Utopia 2.0 [CD]

Product information "NECROTTED - Utopia 2.0 [CD]"
NECROTTEDs new album offers nothing but the best out of modern death metal. A visionary concept brought to live by the most extreme music.
Utopia 2.0 is about to start October 10th 2014!

1. Step Forward
2. Utopia (We Are The Light)
3. Rebuild And Revive
4. Confiscation Day
5. Assimilation
6. Bigotry Unmasked
7. Xenophobic Attitudes
8. Mind Control
9. Anthem Of The Oppressed
10. Liberty, Equality, Brutality
11. United We Stand
12. Philanthropic Misanthrope
Artist: Necrotted
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Genre: Death Metal
Format: CD