UNRU - Als Tier ist der Mensch nichts [CLEAR LP]

Product information "UNRU - Als Tier ist der Mensch nichts [CLEAR LP]"
Coming out of the nothing, UNRU combine unpopular genres like black metal and crust punk to one new extreme music mélange. As expected and like the previous splits with Sun Worship and Paramnesia the first full length album is pleasent different. Four tracks opposing all conventions and yet eradiating a sublime intransigence can only be wrecked on a record with a decent fuck off attitude.

1. Zerfall & Manifest
2. Das Anna-Karenina-Prinzip
3. Hedonee
4. Totemiker

Total playing time 36:39

Available as CD, limited LP and MC.

LP released by Supreme Chaos Records, Monotonstudio Records and Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Vinyl will be available in the following versions:
100 x orange/black marbled vinyl - Labels Mailorder only
250 x clear vinyl
150 x black vinyl
- 180g heavy vinyl for maximum quality and durability
- Heavy 300g cardboard cover with matte print
- Lyrics insert, heavy paper and matte print
- High quality vinyl mastering
- All handnumbered
- Logo patch included (marbled version only, ltd. 100)
Artist: Unru
Color: Clear
Color effect: Marbled
Label/Manufacturer: Supreme Chaos Records
Vinyl specification: 180g Vinyl
Genre: Black Metal
Format: 12" LP